We want to make it easy for you!

We offer two different options for your shopping:

We believe that PayPal and their experience is the best option we can offer!
You can use your credit card with the highest security of a payment gateway without the need to create a particular account, of course you can use your PayPal account or create one. In a very few clicks your payment will be made. Impossible to do it faster! And you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Provably the most secure payment gateway (Realize that in this case you don’t even need to provide us your credit card details). For more information go here.

The details for the transfer will be provided to you at the end of the order, in the site itself as well as on the notification email “ORDER RECEIVED”.
Your order will be prepared as soon as the founds reaches our account.
And will be cancelled if no payment confirmation is received in the next seven days after the order has been set.
Make sure to include the order number into the description, as well as your contact name.
The bank transfer must be made in Euros and make sure to charge on you all banking fees and expenses they may include.
As soon as you’ve processed it please email us the proof of purchase at hola(at)unwhite.com so we can process and prepare the delivery for you asap!

Here follows the rest of the terms “let us call them fine print or extra stuff”.
We won’t even put it down, but when has to be done it’s done. And sure there is important stuff here.

The prices marked at unwhite.com and billed have all current taxes included.
Notice that here are not included possible custom or import fees, that might charge on you if the order goes out from spanish inland or the EU. Please get informed, we don’t wont to surprise you!

We normaly deliver from 24h to the next 3 days after payment is confirmed.
Notice timmings are simple indications, and even if we love to fulfill our promises, there might be certain circumstances that may delay it. However such delay does not imply the order cancellation or any compensation. Whatever penalty clause that might have been included by the client within the order is automatically voided by the present terms of purchase.
BEFORE YOU ACCEPT THE PACKAGE CHECK ITS CONDITIONS AND THE AMOUNT OF PIECES IN FRONT OF THE COURIER. IF THE PACKAGING IS DAMAGED SIGN IN INDICATING THE SPECIFIC DAMAGE, E.G. “THE PACKAGE IS RIPPED”. IN SUCH CIRCUMSTANCE WE RECOMMEND TO ACCEPT THE PACKAGE IN ORDER FOR YOU TO CLAIM FOR ITS DAMAGE. Any possible claim for a non visible damage that can not be visible in the first moment, has to be notified to the courier company on the two following days from reception. It is the buyer’s responsibility to claim to the courier company on this type of damages. Unwhite will make all possible efforts to solve any problem that may appear in the best possible manner. If the delivered products do not fit the nature or amount of the ones specified in the delivery note, the Client must present its claims during the next 24h after the reception. All deliveries will be made on charge on the client except in case that circumstances involve free shipping.
We deliver worldwide! Though we offer different solutions.
BASIC shipping: Using regular mail (Correos – spanish mail company), inexpensive and sure, worldwide! Deliveries take 3-4 business days for Spain, 2-4 for Europe, and vary according to the country for the rest of the world.
PREMIUM shipping: If you’re in a hurry you might be cool on paying an extra cost… We deliver with TNT, real masters. Deliveries are in 48-96 hours, except if you’re in the most recondite place on earth… in any case we’ll do the impossible! (This is not valid for Balearic and Canary Islands, Ceyta and Melilla).

There are several operation charges involved in every order as well as banking fees that makes impossible for us to do money returns. If the client does not want to change their sticker for a different one, a coupon with the same value will be provided so it can be used on the next purchase in our online store.
Requisites according to return case:
Oooops, sorry we’re human, this process is not made by a machine. If the sticker you’ve received doesn’t correspond the one you ordered, please contact us at hola(at)unwhite.com within the 48 hours after reception, we’ll start the required process. This is a situation in which we’ll take on the charges for the return and new shipping. It is required for you to return the sticker into its original pack unopened and in perfect conditions.
We’re always looking for the best experience for our customers, but accidents happen… in this case, the process to follow is described in “DELIVERY AND SHIPPING”.
Wow, that’s a sad surprise! In this case we have to inform that regarding operation charges involved in every order as well as banking fees that makes impossible for us to do money returns. If the client does not want to change their sticker for a different one, a coupon with the same value will be provided so it can be used on the next purchase in our online store.
Fundamentally… make sure the product you return follow this requisites:
It can’t be used, not opened, in its original packaging and in perfect conditions, for both content and container (packaging).
It must contain all articles included in the product: parts, accessories, instructions…
The original label must be still in place.
All returns and/or changes will be made once UNWHITE has checked for its conditions and on the following 15 days from date of delivery for return.
You must include a copy of your receipt and number of order when delivering for a return.